Laser Quest Coventry

Laser Quest Coventry

- interactive fun with a laser gun

Open until 10pm everyday - call 024 7663 2730

Laser Quest is a game of wits, cunning, strategy and stealth. A game that almost seems like the real thing. Laser Quest is an indoor game where you can enter a fantasy world where you compete in a game of electronic tag as a team or individual in our pre built arena. Whether you're 6 or 66 you'll love the adrenaline-pumping exhilaration of stalking your opponents and unleashing a volley of laser fire in a battle zone from the 21st century.

Each player is equipped with state of the art laser equipment and the game is played in a uniquely styled arena which features custom built scenery, ramps, catwalks, lighting effects, fog and futuristic music.

Each game session will last 20 minutes, with up to 30 players in each session. Each session includes all the equipment you need and a briefing on how to play. At the end of your game scores will be displayed on the score monitor with printed scorecards handed out for you to keep.

Points are scored when you successfully zap your opponent on one of the many sensors located on the pack and gun. But beware, if you are zapped you lose points and get knocked out of the game for a few seconds could be vital. Using the Laser Quest computer limitless game variations can be created from simple solo and team games to more complex advanced team games.

Laser Quest is completely safe. Please observe the games safety rules which are outlined prior to your game. We recommend dark casual comfortable clothes and flat shoes with a sole that grips. Here at Laser Quest Coventry we have designed our site to be wheel chair friendly.



  1 game 2 games 3 games
Monday to Thursday 4.95 8.50 10.50
Friday to Sunday 5.45 9.95 12.50




  3 games 4 games
Monday to Thursday   10.00
Friday to Sunday 10.00  



  3 games
Saturday morning Junior Commando's (under 16's only) 10am - 1130am 7.50




  1 game 2 games 3 games
Monday to Friday 4.00 7.00 9.00




  1 game 2 games 3 games
Monday to Sunday 4.00 7.00 9.00


Members Special Offers

  6 games  
Thursday 10.00  
Sunday Members Night From 6pm - 10pm   15.00


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Laser Quest Gun and Vest

The Laser Packs
The Laser Quest packs are state of the art and contain various sensors for you to aim for during game play. All sensors are highlighted by the flashing led's which in turn reflect on the type of game you are playing. Each time a sensor is hit, the pack automatically shuts down for a few seconds to allow you to escape to another location before you reactivate. Each hit received is stored within the equipment which in turn is downloaded into the computer at the end of the game, to provide everyone with an individual score sheet.

The Gun
Each time the trigger is squeezed, a red laser beam is omitted which is used as a targeting guide in order to help you gain points in each game. The lasers used in this game are completely harmless as they are no more powerful than the infrared beam that comes out of your television remote control unit.

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The Arena

DJ Shadez taking cover


Our arena here at Laser Quest is made up of many twists and turns depicting a maze, with many passages and places to hide. The 2nd level of the arena can be accessed by using any of the ramps. Lighting is provided by numerous UV's so dark clothing is advisable.


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Game Time / Rules

When you arrive on site, you will be greeted by a member of staff who will provide you with a briefing on how to use the equipment during gameplay. You will also be shown how to equip your pack and how to use your gun properly. You will also be issued with a verbal set of safety rules for you to comply with during your game play.


NO RUNNING If you are running you triple the chance of injury and endanger other fellow players.
TWO HANDS ON GUN AT ALL TIMES - Gives the player more control.
NO CLIMBING There is No climbing or jumping on or off the scenery.
NO PHYSICAL CONTACT No physical contact of any kind.

The rules are for your safety and others so please respect them.

After the briefing is complete you will be allowed to enter the arena and this is where you will need your wits about you to outwit your fellow players in the game.

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Opening Times

Our opening times are subject to change so always book to guarantee your game time. We are willing to open outside of normal opening hours for large group bookings.

Day Open Closed
Monday 10am 10pm
Tuesday 10am 10pm
Wednesday 10am 10pm
Thursday 10am 10pm
Friday 10am 10pm
Saturday 10am 10pm
Sunday 10am 10pm

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Contact Us

Laser Quest
Watch Close
Tel : 024 7663 2730
Email : laserquestcoventry

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Our local DJ's have provided us with music. Check out there Facebook page UrbanDisorder Coventry Music

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We are also on facebook "Laser Quest Coventry"

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